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Tomás Saraceno was born in Argentina and lives and works in Frankfurt.

During his residency at Atelier Calder from February to July, 2010, Tomás Saraceno, Calder Prize 2009, continued the development of his project Air Port City _ Cloud Cities, which proposes a new use of space, where the usual limits of architecture are pushed back.

This experimental concept offers living and living spaces through a system of floating inflatable structures.

The projects designed by Tomás Saraceno challenge traditional notions of space, time, consciousness, perception, and gravity.

In his installations, sky and earth are interchangeable, gardens float in the air and the characters realize their dream of being able to fly.

Driven by the desire to change our way of living and perceiving reality, each work is an invitation to experiment with alternative ways of knowing, sharing and exchanging.

Tomás Saraceno questions the notions of territory and borders, but also of urban and social development in a sustainable way, through a work that is as poetic as it is critical.

Among his personal exhibitions are the following: Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm and at the Pier Luigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation, Camogli, Italy (2010), Biosphereau Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen (2009), National Gallery of Denmark (2009), Lighter than air at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (USA) and Galaxies Forming along Filaments, like Droplets along the strands of a Spider's Web, at the Venice Biennale in 2009, "Air-Port-City" in Middleburg (Netherlands), (2008).

He has participated in the following group exhibitions: Still Life. Art, Ecology, and the Politics of Change, 8th Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates (2009), Within the Big Structure: Megastructure Reloaded, European Arts Project, Berlin (2008), 48 Degrees Celcius Public. Art Ecology, Delhi, (2007), "How to live together" Sao Paulo Biennale (2006), The History of a Decade that Has Not Yet Been Named, at the Lyon Biennale (2007), 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, (2005) "I still believe in miracles" at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, (2005)


Tomás Saraceno, résidence February to July 2010 
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